It looks worse than it is.

Michael Fulmer, coming off his second surgery on his right meniscus in five years, is wearing a big, black brace on his troublesome knee as he goes through his daily regimen here at TigerTown. For now, he’s wearing it even during his bullpen sessions.

As he told last week, everything is just trial and error right now.

“Just to see if it'll help," he said . "It may be one of those things where I try it through spring training just to make sure everything's 100 percent and then see how I like it."

According to Tigers head athletic trainer Doug Teter, the brace serves two purposes. Obviously, it helps stabilize the knee — it’s on his drive leg — during his powerful delivery.

But it also prevents Fulmer from activating his heel in the delivery. When the heel is engaged, that’s when the knee gets stressed.

"Obviously it's not going to let me bend the way I used to, so I'm trying to make some adjustments there," Fulmer told "But it's all good adjustments, like I need to make with the brace or without the brace. I think it's kind of like a training tool to make sure my knee doesn't bend the way it has been, especially last year."