If it looked like Matt Tuiasosopo was a bit apprehensive rounding third base in the fifth inning Thursday night, he would agree with you. He even checked the film to confirm it. And that hesitation, he acknowledged, was a mistake. "You're going until he's stopping you, and I kind of had a little hesitation after I hit the bag, and I didn't make it," Tuiasosopo said following the Tigers' 1-0, 11-inning loss to the Pirates. "That's the bottom line. I didn't make it." It was a critical point in the game. Rather than load the bases with Doug Fister — a pitcher, albeit the Tigers' best-hitting pitcher — coming up with nobody out, third-base coach Tom Brookens rolled the dice with Tuiasosopo. And Pirates right fielder Travis Snider gunned him down. He wasn't out by a mile, mind you, but it wasn't all that close, either. After the loss, manager Jim Leyland questioned Brookens' decision to send him — something Leyland now has done more than once after a Brookens' gaffe this season. (Remember, he rarely called out his former third-base coach, Gene Lamont.) Tuiasosopo didn't, though he sounded like he would've liked to know a little bit sooner whether he was going home and staying at third.