No way around it. The Tigers are going to freeze. But so are the Twins. When the 2013 schedule came out, and the Tigers saw that they were opening the season April 1 at Target Field, it had to send a momentary shiver through their bones. Several more hours of shivering are now guaranteed. It's Opening Day for the Tigers — and here's the forecast for game time: sunny but 33 degrees, breeze out of the west-northwest at 14 mph, wind chill of 23 degrees. And it's not as if there's a warm front coming by the fifth inning. The high for the day is forecast at 34. The wind chill is expected to be 25. There's snow on the farm fields that can be seen from a plane on approach to the Minneapolis airport, but there's no snow at Target Field. However, it's still seems like winter at Target Field — and it will be in the cold that the Tigers open the season today. "I'm looking more at the chill factor," manager Jim Leyland said. "However, saying that, I think the best way to handle stuff like that is the way we've handled it already. "It's simple. Make up your mind it's going to be cold. Can you block it out? That's what you have to do. But if you think it's not going to be cold, you're crazy. "There's no sense trying to downplay it by trying to be a psychological manager. It's not going to be 85 degrees. We're going to have thermals on, but so are they. "You downplay it by talking about reality. It's going to be cold, it might be windy, it might be sunny, it might be cloudy, I have no idea. We're going to play." And what does he think about the team they're going to play? "They're going to be one of the better offensive clubs in baseball," Leyland said about the Twins. "They have a terrific guy at the end (closer Glen Perkins). I assume they're going to score a lot of runs. From The Detroit News: