Even before the amazing play Jose Iglesias made Monday night in Chicago Tiger players were already raving about his play at shortstop. But there's another thing they've noticed. Iglesias can sometimes get a little too showy (and possibly careless) for manager Jim Leyland's tastes. "Skip will take care of that" one veteran Tiger said. Leyland didn't want to say much on the topic but it's a safe bet that he'll find a way to get Iglesias to tone down some of the needlessly flashy parts of his game without taking away what makes him so good. The Tigers almost can't believe their good fortune in landing Iglesias who dropped in their laps when the Red Sox and White Sox couldn't find a direct match on Jake Peavy. While the Tigers had expressed interest in Iglesias before they had very few conversations about him in the weeks leading to the July 31 deadline in part because they didn't see a path to get him and in part because they weren't looking seriously for a shortstop until they became convinced that Jhonny Peralta wouldn't appeal his Biogenesis suspension. The Tigers had a few other shortstop possibilities beyond Iglesias but none of them were nearly as attractive. By getting Iglesias they not only solved a potentially huge problem for the final two months of this season but also answered what would have been perhaps their biggest question for this winter.