Who do you think would get the most votes to the timely fill-in-the-blank question of … Why don't the Tigers try __________ as their closer? Joaquin Benoit, perhaps. Octavio Dotel, because he's done it before. Maybe it would be a four- or five-way tie. No matter what, it would be interesting to see where Al Alburquerque ended up on the list. The Tigers likely wouldn't have won their opener over the Twins on Monday if Alburquerque hadn't struck out Chris Parmelee for the final out of the seventh inning on a pitch Parmelee had no chance of hitting. Just like an earlier pitch Parmelee swung at and missed with the bases loaded. In fact, it was said in the press box at Target Field that Parmelee actually struck out on a 4-1 count because of a pitch he'd swung at out of the strike zone during the same at-bat. And it's not as if Parmelee won't take a walk. He'd already walked twice. But that's Alburquerque for you. That's also Alburquerque's slider for you, a devastating out pitch that makes many fans think he could close.