So if you think Jhonny Peralta is too slow to his left as the Tigers' shortstop … And not exactly a comet to his right, either … If you're concerned that he might have been too heavy last year … And that a lot of his offensive numbers went down — such as a 60-point drop (.299-.239) in his batting average and his second-lowest slugging percentage (.384) since he became an everyday player in 2005 … Then you're not going to like this next statement: He is still the Tigers' shortstop — having safely negotiated a gantlet of winter trade rumors. In fact, last week while manager Jim Leyland and general manager Dave Dombrowski were making a lot of positive comments about the 2013 Tigers, there was no indication they are anything less than content with Peralta as the incumbent. Fewer pounds would be preferable, they told him, as he headed home for the winter. He got the message and lost 18. "It's good," Peralta said. "I've never been at this weight since I've been with Detroit. I finished last season at 236. I'm at 218 now." More range up the middle also would be welcome, so he's worked on agility drills to enhance that range. "Dombrowski and everybody wanted me working on my range," he said. "That's why I tried to get lighter. So I can be quicker, especially up the middle." But even if it's better, there's no escaping the reality of what Peralta always has been. "From the beginning," he said, "I've never had big range. I've never been quick, but I know how to play this game."