As uncomfortable as it made Miguel Cabrera, he had to stand there and take it — the appreciation of the baseball world. Manager Jim Leyland pulled him with two outs in the bottom of the fourth inning, his special place in baseball lore secured, because he thought the historic occasion merited the proper recognition. A moment 45 years in the making required the necessary visual validation. It was important that all saw something many honestly thought they never would again. This was a coronation. The humble king got his crown. Actually, he got three. A relieved Cabrera, stationed at third base, walked off the field to wildly enthusiastic cheers and applause of fans, teammates and opponents Wednesday night. He was safely distanced from his last statistical pursuers. Cabrera tipped his cap to the crowd. Leyland and Prince Fielder hugged him as he entered the dugout. But the crowd wouldn't cease its standing tribute until the slugger reluctantly conceded to a curtain call. But the magnitude of what Cabrera accomplished didn't hit him until he was in the clubhouse with Fielder and Justin Verlander, watching the closing innings of the Tigers' 1-0 victory on television when cameras captured Major League Baseball's official announcement on the Kauffman Stadium scoreboard with the unveiling of a commemorative Cabrera Triple Crown logo.