For the Tigers, winning has suddenly become as easy as 1-2-3. 1) Arrive at ballpark 2) Wait for storms to end. 3) Bash ball. With their sixth consecutive victory, the Tigers downed the Texas Rangers 8-6 on Wednesday night. Coupled with another loss for Kansas City, their lead in the American League Central grew to four games. What a difference a week makes, right? “I always felt the team was too good to keep playing like that,” manager Brad Ausmus said of the 9-20 slump, “and that it would turn around. “When you’re going through it, though, it can never turn around quickly enough. But I always felt it would. “And the guys weren’t stressing, because I think they knew it would turn around instead of just that it could.” The final score on Wednesday night was closer than how most of the game, for this reason, was played: Every time the Tigers needed runs, all they had to do was dial up their next extra-base hit. Like calling Uber for a ride. “Hello, I’m at the corner of Marvin Gardens and Ventnor and need a lift to ...” “Hello, this is Brad Ausmus. I’d like to order a leadoff triple. How long a wait? Just a couple of minutes? Thank you.” Of the Tigers’ first eight hits — accounting for most of their scoring — seven went for extra bases. And when their 5-0 lead was narrowed to 5-3 in the fourth, help was right around the corner in the form of back-to-back home runs from Victor Martinez and J.D. Martinez. The former is having an amazing season, as you know. He’s on a pace now for 85 extra-base hits — which would be a personal best by 20. As for J.D. Martinez, it only seems like he hits a home run every game — when, in fact, he’s hit six in the last nine.