For Alex Avila, his .183 April has given way to his .163 May. The Tigers catcher must hope that when it comes to hitting, the words of the New Yorker’s Roger Angell prove true: “June is when baseball really begins.” Avila spent more time in the batting cage Thursday trying to make that come true. He has made some changes in his swing recently, but not many. This isn’t an overhaul. “At this level, you never want to change too much,” Avila said. “I’ve gotten here for a reason and had success. So you know that works. There’s no reason to change it drastically. “At this level, it’s mostly mental. To be able to stick to an approach is a lot harder than actually making changes. When a hitter is struggling like I’ve been, I’d say 90% of the time it’s mental. When you don’t get the result you want, you make it that much more difficult. That’s more of a struggle than making contact or getting hits.” If there’s one fact about Avila that jumps out besides his average, it’s strikeouts. He led the team with 44 entering Thursday.