That friends and observers was Mr. Holaday's first major-league home run. That's pretty notable in and of itself but now regard this layer of intrigue from's Gillian Van Stratt: Holaday watched Andrew Albers' first pitch zip by. 83 miles per hour sinker. Strike one. Then on the second pitch just as he had predicted he hit his first major league career home run. And it landed just a few rows behind the bullpen. "You know what's tripped out?" Torii Hunter said following the Tigers 7-6 loss to the Minnesota Twins. "He said before he went up there he told me 'Tell the bullpen to wake up because something's coming out there.' "I swear to you. I swear it. He did. And then he hit it and I was like 'Whoa.'" Torii Hunter tells no tales one presumes. With that said shame on Holaday for hitting it over the bullpen and thus rendering the particulars of his called shot a bit inaccurate.