Both managers were talking about it after the Tigers' 10-1 victory Sunday over the Oakland Athletics. Meaning the top of the Tigers' lineup, with the first four batters hitting a combined .384? Of course, the top of the lineup got some attention. After all, Austin Jackson and Torii Hunter combined for seven hits in the victory. They also scored five runs and knocked in four. But when it came time to talk about grinding out at-bats, manager Jim Leyland didn't forget his 6-9 guys. Neither did his counterpart on the Athletics, Bob Melvin, nor — for that matter — Hunter. "I think we're grinding all the way through the batting order," Leyland said. Melvin agreed, after two days of damage being done to his team by Jhonny Peralta, now hitting .319. Peralta hit a three-run home run Saturday and had two more hits Sunday. "It's not just the top of their order," Melvin said. "It goes all the way down. One through nine, there's no break in their lineup." Hunter, meanwhile, likes the media attention the top of the lineup gets because of the chance the bottom will get overlooked. "We'll show you the left, then stick you with the right," he said, admiring his own comment. "That was pretty good. I like that. "You kind of forget about our catfish." Your catfish? "Our bottom feeders," he said with a smile. "All right, I'm done." The comments weren't going to get any better than that, in other words.