Tigers general manager Al Avila was asked Monday if he thought he would be able to work a trade for second baseman Ian Kinsler during the Winter Meetings, which commenced in earnest Monday. “I think we will, yes,” he said. Manager Ron Gardenhire, sitting to Avila’s right, dropped his head and said, “You don’t have to though.” Well, as much as Gardenhire would love to go into his first season with the Tigers with Kinsler’s Gold-Glove presence and veteran leadership in place, he knows that’s not likely to happen. “We talked to a few clubs when we got here and we’ve fielded a few calls last night and today,” Avila said. “But it’s nothing that’s moving anywhere right now.” According to Avila, no new teams have entered the discussions. It’s still the same four or five teams who have stayed in the loop for Kinsler — the Mets, Angels, Brewers and Blue Jays are believed to be among those teams. “In our situation right now, it behooves us to do it,” Avila said. “It behooves us to move Kinsler — a veteran player for a prospect. It would give us a chance to play Dixon Machado on a more regular basis, for one thing.” It would also trim $11 million off the payroll and add a presumably upper-level prospect to the system. An indication that Avila thinks a deal could be done soon: He had assistant general manager David Chadd reach out to Kinsler’s agent. “David reached out to say that we’ve had conversations and something could happen,” Avila said. “But right now there is nothing to grasp onto.” The second base market is a bit clogged, too, which could be impacting the timing of any deal. Starlin Castro, just traded to the Marlins from the Yankees, could be on the trade block, along with Josh Harrison, Cesar Hernandez, Brian Dozier and Jason Kipnis.