Utility player history was made Saturday night at Target Field. Andrew Romine, a reserve player for the Detroit Tigers, became the fifth player in baseball history to play all nine positions in his team's win over the Minnesota Twins (DET 3, MIN 2). Manager Brad Ausmus Romine would play all nine positions Sunday, though with rain in the forecast Sunday, he decided to do it Saturday instead. Here is a recap of Romine's evening: 1st inning: Left field. Caught a line drive and fielded a single. 2nd inning: Center field. No defensive chances. 3rd inning: Right field. Fielded a single. 4th inning: Third base. Caught a foul pop-up. 5th inning: Shortstop. Turned a 4-6-3 double play. 6th inning: Second base. No defensive chances. 7th inning: Catcher. Caught for four batters (one out) before moving back to second. He allowed a passed ball. 8th inning: Pitcher. Threw five pitches and got a ground out, then moved to first base. He caught a throw from the second baseman on a 4-3 putout. 9th inning: First base. He fielded a ground ball for the final out of the game. Romine moved to first base in the eighth inning because had the Twins taken the lead in the bottom of the eighth, there might not have been a bottom of the ninth for the Tigers to play defensively. The score was only 3-2 at the time, so the game was close. Ausmus moved Romine to first in the eighth to make sure he played the position before the end of the game.