Ten days away from his newborn baby daughter was tough on Tigers catcher Alex Avila. Avila said he spent the team’s off day on Monday playing with his daughter, Avery, who looked a little different from the last time he saw her. “She definitely looked a little bigger,” Alex said before Tuesday’s scheduled game against the Royals at Comerica Park. “That road trip, it definitely felt like a month. “She’s definitely a little bit heavier. Of course, my wife said she was sleeping great. The night we get back, 3 o’clock in the morning I wake her up and she didn’t fall asleep after that and I stayed up with her.” Avila said his wife, Kristina, sent him pictures every day of the baby during the road trip, and he also interacted with them on Skype. Next to Avila’s locker was a bundle of diapers. “Since she was born, every other day or so I’ll get a random gift of diapers or something like that,” Avila said. “We’ve got a ton of diapers to last us a while now.”