You'd think Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden would be sick of seeing each other by now. The Oklahoma City Thunder trio have been going basically non-stop since the NBA season opened, grinding away through every milestone together just as they have throughout their NBA careers. Nearly every prominent professional first, both good and bad, has come together. Their first taste of playoff success, their first trip to the Western Conference finals, their first appearance in The Finals and the fallout that comes with falling short on that grand stage. That's why their time on the U.S. Olympic team, and even their time here at USA Basketball training camp, isn't something they'll take for granted. While it can't completely wipe away the sting of losing to the Heat in The Finals the way they did, Westbrook said, it's at least a start on the road to redemption for the Thunder's young core. "Being here and having the opportunity to win a gold medal is one way to make my summer feel halfway decent," he said. "But you always want to win a championship when you the opportunity starting you in the face. And it's great we get to be together all summer. We had a break from each other, for about two days. That was it. I'm used to seeing Kevin every summer and now James. So that's great."