It seems like an eternity since the Thunder last saw the Hornets, but here we sit. Unfortunately, the Hornets are no longer the pushovers they once were, with Eric Gordon finally back in the rotation. Instead of being total deadbeats who succumbed to almost any team, they're now the plucky and inconsistent youngsters, hoping to steal a win wherever they can. The biggest flaw in their game nowadays is ball control. Generally they run an objectively solid offense, but they just aren't good at anything but scoring. They can't rebound too well, they can't trap, they can't defend any area solidly, and they can't pass. Basically, the Hornets will run a decent ship, but many areas of their team are hopelessly average and they don't have an effective closer, so they'll often come out on the losing side. And they'll get blown out sometimes, because their players are young. Anyway, the Thunder shouldn't be embarrassed about a close game tonight, but it's definitely a game they shouldn't lose. The Hornets are a team that will use their big men's ability to shoot the ball against the Thunder. I'm not saying that tonight isn't the night to use Perk or Thabeet, because the Thunder are talented enough to overcome that weakness. But when the Thunder used a small lineup against the Hornets back on December 12th, they were able to run away with the game. Just sayin'.