The Oklahoma City Thunder have been an enigma so far since the beginning of the regular season. In the offseason, the Thunder traded for both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, giving Russell Westbrook the help he needed to transform the Thunder from a postseason hopeful into a viable title contender. This season, however, it remains to be seen if the Thunder have the consistency to become a true threat to winning a championship. The Thunder are currently seventh in the Western Conference standings, which is due to the awkward positioning of seeds 3-8 in the West. Interestingly, if the Thunder so much as lose a few games in a row, they could fall out of positioning for the postseason altogether. What’s more interesting is that the Thunder have failed to defeat a playoff team since Feb. 6. Although it is still the regular season, the Thunder haven’t forged any type of consistency over the course of the season. During some stretches, the Thunder appear to be championship contenders. Yet on others, the Thunder look lost and horrible on the court.