One truism that's become even more true as the sports and entertainment landscape has stretched toward infinity in recent years is how there's a paralysis by analysis. The forest tends to get lost for the trees as there's a reward system in place for anyone willing to say something new or different.

Take the NFL Draft for instance. There are NFL experts, college experts, player development experts, NFL insiders, former quarterbacks, anonymous scouts and so many more chefs in the kitchen cooking up content. That leads to a more complex and challenging flavor profile and more to chew on. It also leads to obscuring the basics of the dish.

Let's look at Justin Fields, who was the second-best collegiate quarterback during his tenure at Ohio State. His insanely impressive career was enough to earn him projections in the mid- to late-first round, behind at least two or three other quarterbacks who have never shown the type of playmaking or in-game acumen Fields made look easy.