UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, who have been suspended indefinitely by the Bruins, apologized at a news conference Wednesday morning about the incident in China that had them stay behind on a team trip after they were accused of shoplifting. At the end of the news conference, UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said that the players each admitted guilt and that charges had been withdrawn by Chinese authorities. They had paid $2,200 bail, surrendered their passports and agreed to travel restrictions. The bail was refunded. UCLA paid the expenses incurred by the players who were left behind when the rest of the team returned home, but said they may seek reimbursement. Cody Riley said: “I want to start off by saying how ashamed and embarrassed I am,” Riley then took full responsibility for shoplifting. Riley thanked President Trump for intervening on the players' behalf. "We really appreciate you helping us out,” he said. Riley thanked various staff members and the Chinese police for the treatment they received. Riley talked about what it meant to be a Bruin: "I can only hope that my actions, my words and my hard work in the weeks to come will show that I am capable of meeting that high standard.