Chalk up another plus Wednesday afternoon for the Royals’ rebuilt rotation after Wade Davis sparkled for seven innings in a 1-0 victory that ended Atlanta’s 10-game winning streak. Give a nod, too, to beleaguered relievers Kelvin Herrera and Greg Holland for protecting that lead over the final two innings at Turner Field. “When we’re facing tough pitchers,” right fielder Jeff Francoeur said, “you’ve got to be able to win 1-0 or 2-1 games. This is how you draw it out. Wade goes seven, Kelvin in the eighth and Greg in the ninth.” Francoeur’s two-out RBI single in the fourth inning, against Braves starter Mike Minor, provided the game’s only run. Davis, 2-0, baffled the homer-happy Braves with a heavy dose of cut fastballs before handing the lead to Herrera to start the eighth. “I started going to the cutter a lot,” Davis said, “because it was the only pitch I could get down. If I hadn’t had that, I would have left a lot of balls up and out over the plate. So I was thankful we had that pitch to go to.” It was a dominant performance from the guy often viewed as the “other pitcher” acquired by the Royals in their big offseason trade with Tampa Bay. “He really did a nice job of moving them off the plate on the inside and then painting the outside corner,” manager Ned Yost said. “It was just a phenomenal job of big-league pitching.” Herrera got a quick chance to rebound from his three-homer implosion in Tuesday’s 6-3 loss, when the Royals believe he tipped his pitches — in addition to missing badly on his location. Atonement didn’t come easily. Herrera immediately fell behind 3-0 on Andrelton Simmons, who led off the inning, before fighting back for a strikeout. “You just stay focused and throw strikes,” Herrera said. “I have confidence in what I can do. (Tuesday) was just a bad day. Today, I was able to throw the ball downhill.”