Chris Thorburn was in a no-win situation. His Winnipeg Jets teammates made sure his sacrifice counted. Thorburn's decision to fight Toronto Maple Leafs heavyweight Colton Orr early in the game was one thing. But the unsavoury way it finished sent a rumble down the Jets bench and they played with more fire and, dare we say it, truculence than the Leafs. Winnipeg won 5-2 on the scoreboard but they also won their share of after-whistle scrums and puck battles. Their will got them over the hump early in the game and then their skill took them home in high style. "We played with an edge after Thorbs fought. It got us skating and personally as a team, when we play like that, we're better. We were on the body and on the puck," said Jets captain Andrew Ladd. "Thorbs is a great teammate. He comes to the rink and works and he's always positive. That's something you don't want to see happen to a teammate. There's a certain respect amongst tough guys and when a guy is in a vulnerable position, guys should ease off." Depending on who one talks to, a staged fight such as this one has no effect on a game. Many players will tell you differently, but that's a subject for another day. Thorburn, however, is beloved in the Jets dressing room for his willingness to stand up for teammates. So when Orr slighted him near the end of what until then had been an honourable exchange, the rest of the Jets took notice.