The Thomas Partey to Arsenal transfer rumor that won’t go away, shockingly, isn’t going away. Football Ghana reported today that the Gunners are set to trigger the Ghanaian midfielder’s £45M release clause from Atlético Madrid. I know absolutely nothing about the credibility of Football Ghana. Combine that with the fact that all transfer rumors should be taken with a grain of salt (size may vary), and you’ve got a massive neon sign that says “WARNING: CLICKBAIT.”

But there’s been a lot of noise around Arsenal and Partey as we head a towards more transfer disappointment and agent pocket-lining the summer transfer window, so it’s good to lay down a marker. This almost certainly isn’t going to happen. Arsenal can’t afford it.

It’s unclear whether Partey would be a good add for Arsenal anyway. He just turned 27. He has productive seasons ahead of him, but the Gunners may not be positioned to take advantage of those prime years.