This NBA offseason has been a mess for the Portland Trail Blazers with no shortage of trade rumors hanging over their heads. While Damian Lillard has not requested a trade, this season almost seems like his own “Last Dance” with Portland unless they make some big changes to their roster. T

The MVP-caliber point guard wants to win and he would like to do so with the Trail Blazers, but this organization really has not made some smart decisions over the last few years. 

Not only did they move on from long-term head coach Terry Stotts in the offseason, who Dame had a strong relationship with since entering the league, but they made the controversial hiring of Chauncey Billups, amidst his sexual assault allegations in the past, and Portland really did not strengthen their roster this offseason. 

Norman Powell is a solid player, but his new five-year, fully-guaranteed contract may not be too advantageous to the Blazers, and Cody Zeller, Ben McLemore, and Tony Snell are nothing more than role players. We do have to give Portland credit for getting Larry Nance Jr. in exchange for Derrick Jones Jr. though. 

The Blazers’ offseason has definitely been disappointing and the clock is ticking for them in regards to Damian Lillard’s future, but they were not the only team to have a disappointing offseason.

The Dallas Mavericks really did not better themselves in terms of being anything more than a first-round playoff team, which is why they also could be interested in adding some more firepower to their roster. 

Luka Doncic is an MVP candidate, but there is some uncertainty surrounding Kristaps Porzingis and his ability to be an effective “No. 2 guy” next to Doncic.

Then, when you look at the Pacers, it is safe to assume they will be better if they are at full strength, but they always seem to be in the news regarding trade rumors in order to try and add talent to their roster. 

Could the Trail Blazers, Pacers, and Mavericks all get involved in a three-team deal in order to try and gain new high-level talents to compete? Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley seems to think so, so let’s take a look at his recent trade proposal that includes the likes of CJ McCollum, Myles Turner, and Kristaps Porzingis. 


Portland Trail Blazers Receive: F Kristaps Porzingis 

Indiana Pacers Receive: G CJ McCollum

Dallas Mavericks Receive: C Myles Turner, G/F Jeremy Lamb, IND 2022 1st Round Pick (Lottery-Protected)

Seeing as Portland does not have many assets, it seems like the only way they can try to add more talent around Damian Lillard is if they moved CJ McCollum.

Prior to injuring his foot last year, the 29-year-old guard was putting up All-Star-like numbers, so they may not be too quick to move him, but again, McCollum is the only other asset other than Lillard on Portland’s roster that they can move for another high-level/All-Star-like talent.