The Cavaliers are scheduled to travel to Boston on Wednesday to take on the Celtics for the second time this season, and of course, it has kicked up a lot of dust with regards to the relationship that used to exist between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Irving and James played together for several seasons and won a championship, but according to all of the reports that surfaced following Irving’s trade to Boston back in August, the two didn’t get along during Irving’s final season in Cleveland. Their fractured relationship might even be the sole reason they aren’t playing together anymore. In a new story about Irving’s last year with the Cavaliers, ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan explored why Irving ultimately decided that he didn’t want to be a part of the Cavaliers organization anymore and, as expected, she discovered that it’s, well, complicated. Very complicated. It seems there were a variety of factors that led to Irving leaving Cleveland, including everything from his own natural tendency to seek out new challenges to the role his dad may or may not have played in the way Irving perceived Cleveland’s treatment of him.