The Philadelphia 76ers could have a decision to make in the NBA offseason. Ben Simmons has not been impressive over the course of the postseason and this could force the hand of the front office moving forward. There is still plenty of value around Simmons and this means the Sixers could get back a nice return if he is moved.

Daryl Morey was brought into the front office to run basketball operations prior to the season and Doc Rivers was hired as the new head coach. Both said before the season began that there is no interest in trading either Simmons or Joel Embiid. This could change with how the season went.

The Sixers finished with the best record in the Eastern Conference but face a game seven against the Atlanta Hawks to get to the Eastern Conference Finals.

If they lose this game, there will certainly be some changes coming and there still might be anyway. Simmons is the name that would be moved, especially after the year that Embiid had.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are a team to look at for Simmons. They have also been in rumors because of Karl-Anthony Towns. The relationship between these two sides has been rocky for years now. Towns is still in Minnesota and it is unclear whether the front office wants to move him or not.