Like most of you I am sure, it has been difficult for me at times this season to be overly optimistic about the 2020-21 Pittsburgh Penguins season. The combination of injuries, subpar goaltending, sketchy defensive play, and the lack of on-ice results made it seem like we were at the beginning of a very challenging season where even making the Stanley Cup Playoffs would be a struggle. The team not only played poorly at times, it was boring. Through the first quarter of the season there were few positives to take away from anything.

It is amazing how rapidly all of that can change because we sit today things are starting to look very interesting. Not only that, I would go as far as to say there is a lot of reason for optimism.

After the Penguins’ 3-2 overtime win against the Washington Capitals on Tuesday nighty, they are back in the top-four of the East Division (by total points and points percentage) and are just one point back of the Capitals for the second spot. They are also only three points back of Boston for the top spot. When you think about how the team has looked at different times this season that is downright stunning.

They clearly did not play their best hockey through the first 10 games.