There is no one way to build an NBA contender. Similarly, there’s no single player archetype that assures you a shot at the Larry O’Brien trophy.

With that said, in an offensively oriented league, you could make the case that the best plan of attack is to form an elite backcourt and let them cook.

The Mavericks already have one-half of that equation solved. Luka Doncic has a case as the best guard in the NBA. Having said that, his former running mate Jalen Brunson just signed a lucrative deal with the New York Knicks.

If the idea of trading for Irving was pitched weeks ago, perhaps the Mavericks would have said: “thanks, but no thanks.” They may still feel that way. If they do, it’s worth reconsidering.

There is now a vacancy in the Mavericks’ starting lineup. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets will, shockingly, be looking to trade both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving this summer.

Could the Mavericks acquire the hyper-talented Irving? Here’s a deal that has them doing so.

Brooklyn Nets Receive: G Spencer Dinwiddie, F/C Maxi Kleber, G/F Josh Green, 2025 First-Round Pick

Dallas Mavericks Receive: G Kyrie Irving

It’s worth noting that, from a talent perspective, the Brooklyn Nets are getting a bad deal here. That’s what happens when you’ve got a distressed asset.