The Phoenix Suns were on the cusp of an NBA title this past season. They fell to the Milwaukee Bucks but will continue to be favorites moving forward. There are some moves that are left to be made and the Suns could get into business with the Orlando Magic in this one.

The Suns did not add a big name in the offseason but they were able to sign one back. Chris Paul opted out of the final year of his contract but re-signed with the Suns. He will earn $120 million over the next four years. The addition of Paul took the Suns to the next level right away.

Phoenix was the second seed in the Western Conference this season and looked like the best team throughout a majority of the postseason. They have their core in place and that is going to keep them near the top of the league moving forward.

The Magic are on the opposite end of the spectrum. They sold at the NBA trade deadline and turned into one of the worst teams in the league. The Magic will not have to rely on their young backcourt to build around. Jalen Suggs was selected with the fifth pick in this year’s draft to go along with Cole Anthony.

Orlando sent their big names away at the deadline and it is going to take some time to rebuild the roster. For now, they have some names to send away if they want to test the market.

This is one particular NBA trade scenario centered around Jonathan Isaac that could take place between the Phoenix Suns and Orlando Magic moving forward. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of the swap.

Phoenix Suns Receive: F Jonathan Isaac

Orlando Magic Receive: F Cam Johnson, F Jae Crowder, F/C Jalen Smith, 2024 First Round Pick

The Phoenix Suns have been a well-rounded team and that could continue if they add the right pieces. Here, they would be taking a chance on a player that needs a change of scenery.

Jonathan Isaac would be on his way to the Suns to try and find an identity on a team trending in the right direction. He is in the start of a four-year, $69.6 million contract extension. Is that a deal a rebuilding team like the Orlando Magic wants to pay for a 24-year-old with an injury history?

It is unknown what the value is around Isaac coming off injuries and trying to find a way to stay on the floor. However, the Suns would be taking a chance on him in this instance.

In this particular NBA trade scenario, the Magic would receive Cam Johnson, Jae Crowder, and Jalen Smith would be the players going back to Orlando. They would also get a first-round pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.