The Sacramento Kings and Orlando Magic have been rebuilding teams in the NBA for quite some time now. Orlando was able to sneak into the playoffs over the last two years but were never taken seriously as contenders. They moved even further toward their rebuild at the NBA trade deadline during the regular season.

After the beginning of the season got away from them, the Magic decided to send away some of their bigger names. Nikola Vucevic was involved in a blockbuster deal that sent him to the Chicago Bulls.

Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier are two other names that were sent away because of their contract situations. In the second half of the season, Orlando was unable to put anything together after making these deals. Now, they could continue to sell some names in hopes of building assets. Could Jonathan Isaac be among them after a successful recovery from a torn ACL?

The Kings are another team that has been unable to put anything together in recent years. They have a player to build around in De’Aaron Fox but have been unable to do so.