Maybe Mike Maccagnan should just trade the Jets’ second-round pick now. The Jets general manager might take a look at the team’s history with second-round picks, especially lately, and decide the Jets would be better off without one. For a team filled with first-round draft blunders that have been strung together on YouTube, their second-round struggles might be more confounding. The team has not drafted a solid player in the second round since David Harris in 2007. You have to go back to 1979, when they took Mark Gastineau, to find the last Pro Bowl player on offense or defense they drafted in the round (Justin Miller made it as a kick returner in 2005). Forty players selected in the second round from 2008-16 have made a Pro Bowl – players such as Rob Gronkowski, LeSean McCoy, Bobby Wagner, DeSean Jackson, Derek Carr and Le’Veon Bell. During that time, the Jets’ second-round picks have ranged from pure busts to players who showed flashes to those who have not been able to get on the field. The Jets have had three general managers over that span, but none of them seem immune to the second-round jinx. Mike Tannenbaum traded away second-round picks in 2008, ’09 and ’11. Outside of taking Harris, those look like Tannenbaum’s best moves in the round.