The Orlando Magic are entering another NBA season ready to be a potential landmine for the top teams in the East. The Florida franchise will be looking to improve on the limited success they enjoyed last season, with a somewhat revamped roster. Rather than having Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic, this roster is now led by veteran Terrence Ross and youngster Markelle Fultz. Unfortunately for the Magic, Fultz suffered an ACL injury in January of this year and, especially with his injury history, it is still uncertain how and when he will come back.

Regardless of Fultz and how he will return, the Magic will need a lot of work to make the playoffs again. Teams in the East got stronger and a record like 33-40, which secured the postseason for Orlando two years ago, will most likely not be enough. With center Robin Lopez returning to the squad and Gary Harris joining the roster as a summertime addition, Orlando will have some veteran leadership to join their youngsters in the quest for the playoffs.

Magic X-Factor

The aforementioned veterans will bring their qualities and join together with scoring wing Terrence Ross to try and get the young squad far in the season. However, it will take more than the veteran additions to push the roster further. What this roster clearly needs is their young prospects to take a major step forward and assume responsibility. The first ones in line there are center Mo Bamba and forward Jonathan Isaac.