Don't be a hero, Jameis. Do the right thing. Do what's best. Do what's best for you and, just as important, do what's best for your team. Don't play this Sunday if you're too hurt to play. Sit if you can't throw a football properly. Take a rest if your shoulder is in too much pain. Let your healthy backup play while your unhealthy body rests. We all saw what happened last week in that debacle in the desert. You did what you always do, which was to try to make something out of nothing. You were being chased, running for your life and instead of chucking the ball into the stands, you kept running and running. By the time it was too late, you flung a ball toward a teammate as you were being hit by one of Arizona's big uglies and you landed awkwardly on your right shoulder — your money-making shoulder, the shoulder that carries an entire franchise.