In the modern NBA, “playmaking” has become an increasingly controversial term. 

What is a playmaker? For a long time, there was a widely accepted answer. A playmaker was a player who used his passing ability to make plays for others. That’s no longer the general consensus. 

Today, many count making a play for yourself as well. Passing abilities still matter, but if you don’t have either elite off-ball gravity or rim pressure, they only travel so far. 

All of this has come to change how we view Ben Simmons. He’s one of the best passers in the NBA – nobody could dispute that.

On the other hand, he has zero off-ball gravity and sub-elite rim pressure as well. By contrast, LaMelo Ball’s playmaking, as a high-end three-point shooter, is significantly more credible. 

Could the two make for a good pair in Charlotte? 


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