Jesse Joensuu has admired the Edmonton Oilers since he was in elementary school growing up in the small city of Pori population 80000 which is located on the west coast of Finland miles and miles from The House That Wayne Gretzky Built. Coming here is legitimately the stuff of dreams for Joensuu who turns 26 next month. The forward who was signed to a two-year one-way contract by the Oilers is slated to play regularly in the same rink in which No. 99 Finnish great Jari Kurri and yes his current teammate Ryan Smyth have plied their trade. “I became a fan of the Oilers when I got Wayne Gretzky’s book when I was 10 years old ... there was something about how Gretzky spoke of Edmonton” Joensuu said as the Oilers hit the ice in Sherwood Park for the first time in preparation for the upcoming 2013-14 NHL season. “It was like heaven on earth to me when I was a 10-year-old. We had about seven or eight teams in the city from years five to eight and the teams were named for NHL clubs. My side of the city was the Edmonton Oilers.”