The Department of Justice is opening an investigation of Major League Baseball and how teams recruited international players, according to Sports Illustrated. The FBI is in possession of a “thick dossier of documentation” that is being used in the investigation, with a lot of SI’s reporting revolving around the Dodgers organization.

They have literal receipts.

The trove of evidence — the material that largely persuaded the bureau to launch an investigation — includes videotapes, photographs, confidential legal briefs, receipts, copies of player visas and passport documents, internal club emails and private communications by franchise executives in 2015 and 2016.

I thought having receipts was just an internet thing.

This is a dense story that I’m clearly unqualified to unpack, but there’s at least salacious finding here that absolutely needs all the attention we can give: Someone in the Dodgers’ organization kept a spreadsheet that graded employees in Latin America on how much of a suspected criminal they were.