Despite coach Randy Wittman's recent claim that there wasn't any help coming for his struggling team, the Wizards have not ruled out acquiring a player to fill out the 15th roster spot, has confirmed with persons with knowledge of the situation, before the postseason begins next month. While it may not be a certainty they'll do anything, options are still on the table. They acquired Ramon Sessions in a Feb. 20 trade to bolster the bench but they weren't able to find a player via buyout because there weren't many available on the market. Some of their key targets, Jameer Nelson (Denver Nuggets) and Gary Neal (Minnesota Timberwolves), weren't released by their teams by the March 1 deadline to make them playoff eligible. The Wizards (35-27) still can acquire a player who hasn't been in the NBA this season such as Will Bynum -- another target on their short list -- from overseas. While Bynum's season in China has ended, he has a hamstring injury, confirmed, which limits his immediate availability even if he's still interested in Washington. The ailment appears to be minor.