Evolution always leaves something behind. Human beings used to have tails. We think? We’re not scientists over here. Assuming we’re correct, at some point, we outgrew our need for them. The NBA has undergone its own evolution.

Specifically, the three-point revolution has left the traditional big man behind. Okay, fine. That’s an overstatement. Size will always matter in this game. For example, look at Andre Drummond.

He may not get paid the big bucks that he used to, but he remains a valuable rotation player in the NBA. 

Another thing that matters a lot is ball handling and having the right amount of backcourt depth. Right now, the Mavericks could benefit from both of those things.

JaVale McGee has not worked out well for the Mavs. In fact, he hasn’t even been playing at all lately. The team also has needed to find a third guard and failed in their attempts with Facundo Campazzo and Kemba Walker.

Could the Chicago Bulls be a great trade partner for the Dallas Mavericks? 


Chicago Bulls Receive: C JaVale McGee, 2027 Second-Round Pick (DAL) 

Dallas Mavericks Receive: C Andre Drummond, G Goran Dragic