The Dallas Mavericks made a lot of moves this NBA offseason and not all of them were on the roster.

The front office and coaching staff saw an overhaul, as Donnie Nelson and Rick Carlisle are no longer with the organization. Nico Harrison and Jason Kidd are replacing them as general manager and head coach, respectively.

Dallas is going to look a lot different this season with those changes, but the roster also saw some tweaks. Josh Richardson was traded to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Moses Brown, which created a traded player exception.

The team option for Willie Cauley-Stein was picked up, while Tim Hardaway Jr. and Boban Marjanovic were both re-signed. Two players from outside the organization, Sterling Brown and Reggie Bullock were signed.

Brown and Bullock will give Dallas two more excellent 3-point shooters, as both connect at better than 40 percent from distance. They are also two good defenders, something the Mavericks certainly need more of this season.

While those are two solid signings, Dallas didn’t accomplish one of the goals they set out to do, which was to acquire a secondary ball-handler to play alongside Luka Doncic. But, they can still accomplish that goal via trade.

One player that would fit perfectly is CJ McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers. His name has been mentioned in plenty of rumors this offseason; could Dallas be the team that ultimately lands him?

Let’s take a look at a potential NBA trade scenario that could occur that lands McCollum in Dallas.

Dallas Mavericks Receive: G CJ McCollum

Trail Blazers Receive: G Tim Hardaway Jr., F Josh Green, C Moses Brown, 2022 First-Round Pick Swap, 2025 First-Round Pick

Before getting into it too much, this NBA trade scenario is thought of as a mid-season hypothetical scenario. This would be required in order for Tim Hardaway Jr. to be included since the recently signed player exception still applies. This applies for Moses Brown with the recently traded players exception, but that will come to pass on Oct. 1.

In this deal, the Portland Trail Blazers finally make the tough decision of breaking up their high-scoring backcourt duo of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

McCollum lands with the Dallas Mavericks, giving them the secondary ball-handler and playmaker to start alongside Luka Doncic in the backcourt. They are an excellent pairing at the guard spots.

The Trail Blazers on an extra year of Tim Hardaway Jr. in this deal, but he will help keep them competitive as a secondary scoring option to Lillard. Josh Green is an intriguing prospect after being selected in the first round of the 2020 NBA Draft but receiving limited action as a rookie.

Moses Brown is on the move for the third time in less than a year, as the Oklahoma City Thunder traded him earlier this offseason to the Boston Celtics. The Celtics re-routed him to Dallas as part of the Josh Richardson deal and now he will end up with the Trail Blazers.

The pick swap in 2022 is necessary because the Mavericks do not have their 2023 first-round pick, so they are prohibited from trading their first-rounder in 2022 or 2024 because of the Stepien Rule. The 2025 first-rounder is attached with no protections to help sweeten the deal.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the inner workings of this deal for both teams. Here are why they would do this trade, starting with the Mavericks.