The Philadelphia 76ers are heading into an important NBA offseason. After yet another disappointing exit from the postseason, they have to change something up to try and get over the hump. A lot of people’s answers to that is to trade Ben Simmons.

Simmons once again pulled off a disappearing act Harry Houdini would find difficult to execute this many times. With his confidence shaken, Simmons became a shell of a player offensively, looking afraid to shoot the ball for fear of being fouled and having to go to the foul line, where he shot 34.2 percent in the postseason, the worst playoff mark in the history of the NBA.

A Simmons trade seems inevitable at this point, as a change of scenery would likely be best for both sides. However, given how low his value is currently, it would behoove the 76ers to hold onto Simmons for the time being. Instead of trading Simmons to a different team, they should swap the position he plays.

Philadelphia should attempt to bring in a point guard and move Simmons to the frontcourt as the team’s power forward, making Tobias Harris expendable. One team that could help facilitate such a move being done is the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder acquired Kemba Walker from the Boston Celtics in trade in June, but his departure from Oklahoma City was described as imminent. Could the 76ers be his next destination to play at?

Let’s examine an NBA trade scenario centered around Kemba Walker and Tobias Harris between the Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder.


Philadelphia 76ers Receive: G Kemba Walker, 2022 first-round pick (via LAC) and 2025 first-round pick (via PHI)

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: F Tobias Harris

You can stop rubbing your eyes now, that is not a typo. Sam Presti and the Oklahoma City Thunder are involved in a trade and for once they are the ones sending out the first-round draft picks instead of getting them in return.

That is the first major takeaway in this deal, that Philadelphia recoups some draft capital. For a team that is in win-now mode, that is a major acquisition as it will help them facilitate deals down the road should a player on an expiring deal become available at the trade deadline.