Field goals and challenge flags? Going for it on fourth down when the whole football world knows you have gone completely crazy? All against Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Super Bad, Super Bowl Patriots? Really, Texans? Really? You go 1950s conservative almost all night. Then you madly try to sneak one past The Master on fourth-and-4 at the New England 15-yard line with nine minutes remaining in the third quarter and the biggest win of the season still within reach. My lord. I don't know what Bill O'Brien was thinking for much of the Texans' 27-6 humiliation against the Patriots on "Sunday Night Football" at NRG Stadium as a national television audience watched a 6-7 squad revert to its sad 2-5 form. I do know without question that Belichick owned his former pupil in Week 14 and then smacked O'Brien on the cheek for trying to show his teacher up.