Although the Redskins are pressed up against their penalty-reduced salary cap, it’s possible the team will opt to create space by restructuring a contract or asking another player to take a pay cut. After all, they have holes to fill. We’ve already looked at the cornerbacks, free safeties and tight ends that remain unsigned. But what about a backup quarterback? No one can be sure when exactly Robert Griffin III will be ready. And if he’s unable to start the season, that could mean the Redskins are a Kirk Cousins’ injury away from, well, who knows? Let’s take a look at three options: Name: Rex Grossman Former team: Redskins The skinny: Despite not taking a single snap last season, Grossman, by all accounts, was a consummate professional, serving as a mentor to both Griffin and Cousins. But there are questions that must be answered. With a sketchy group of quarterbacks on the market, might Grossman garner a second-string job elsewhere? Also, the 32-year-old counted $1.3 million against the cap last season; can the Redskins afford to keep him?