While answering questions following Wednesday night’s home victory over Portland, Dirk Nowitzki kept scratching his increasingly scraggly beard. So Nowitzki was asked: What’s the deal about the beards several Mavericks are sporting? And does Dirk’s wife, Jessica, approve of it? “Not really,” Nowitzki said in response to the second question. He said the mostly team-wide beard pact was started about two weeks ago by O.J. Mayo, Dahntay Jones and Vince Carter. “We said we’re not going to shave until we’re back to .500,” Nowitzki said. “So it’s been rough. There’s been some itching going on. And since we’re still down seven games below .500, that’s a long way to go.” Nowitzki said trimming of beard in the neck area is allowed, which is a good thing “because it was getting stuck on my shirts and stuff.” At 21-28, looks like the Mavericks have to make the most of this stretch of seven home games in eight outings. Otherwise, it’s going to be an itchy February, March and April.