There are four star players who have looked totally baffled at the plate so far this season. Aside from poor Khris Davis -- who is 0 for 15 -- these are the next four if you sorted for the worst batting average in baseball. You might recognize the names. 

Christian Yelich. George Springer. Eugenio Suarez. Kris Bryant. 

All four are on teams with aspirations to win the World Series, too. It's not like they are playing terribly on the Orioles or Tigers. These are contenders. 

OK, so let's get the caveat out of the way immediately. Most teams have played in the range of five games and that's a ridiculously small sample in baseball. Fluky stuff can and does happen. Making a sweeping judgement on a player in five games is incredibly ignorant to how the game works. 

See, I said all that stuff. I know it. 

We also know the 2020 season is going to look different than any season we've ever seen and small sample flukes could carry the day eventually. The first round of the playoffs is going to pit an eight seed that probably sits below .500 against a one seed in a three-game series. Anything can happen, you see? 

Also, five games is the rough equivalent to 14 in a 162-game season. Still small? Absolutely. Wouldn't we be worried if a superstar looked totally lost at the plate for 14 games, though? I think we'd call it a slow start and believe he would come around, but we're still allowed to talk about it. So let's talk. 

Christian Yelich

The 2018 MVP who finished second in voting last year despite missing the last few weeks with a broken kneecap is now 1 for 22 with nine strikeouts on the season. 

The eye test might even look worse than the actual numbers. He's not really hitting anything hard, aside from the one home run he destroyed. 

Just last night, watch Derek Holland completely miss his spot and serve a 92 mile-per-hour fastball middle-middle to Yelich and still induce a double play from the former MVP.