A few thoughts and leftover notes and anecdotes from spring training before we dive headlong into the 162-game marathon, which seems like it’s one of the more buzzed-about Braves seasons in quite some time. I know one thing, they’ve not had a better song written about the Braves entering a season than this hip-hop ode by Aaron Chewning, called “Beasts from the East.” If you’ve not checked it out, do yourselves a favor and click that link. They should play that on the video board at Turner Field, at least for the first week of the season. Many of us wondered how the addition of the the Upton brothers, two accomplished outfielders with relatively high profiles and big salaries, might affect the clubhouse. How long of a transition period might it require before they and the rest of the Braves were all comfortable? By all accounts, the transition was quick and painless. I talked to the other two outfielder returners, Jason Heyward and Reed Johnson, about how the Uptons have fit in and about the team chemistry in general. “Everything’s going awesome, as far as the clubhouse goes,” Heyward said on the next-to-last day in Florida. “On this team what’s kind of exciting is – no offense to Reed – we’re all around the same age. That’s exciting. We’re all around the same age and we all have a good bit of experience. We’re a young team but we’re a little more athletic. A seasoned young team, at that. I’m just really looking forward to putting that into play.”