Twenty-nine teams spent last week at the general managers meetings trying to figure out how they can catch the baseball-bashing Houston Astros. For the Red Sox, that means one thing: Add power. Toward that end, we’ll take a stab at some potential scenarios: Trade CF Jackie Bradley Jr., RHP Steven Wright and 3B Michael Chavis to the Miami Marlins for Giancarlo Stanton and cash. • Skinny: The belief is that the Marlins shouldn’t get much of a return on Stanton if the acquiring team assumes the 10-year, $295 million contract remaining. But the reigning MVP is among the best power hitters in the history of baseball and just 28 years old. If the Marlins agree, say, to pay $5 million of that salary for three years until Stanton can opt out, that could net them the Sox’ best position player prospect in Chavis, Bradley, 27, who will cost near $6 million in his second of four years in salary arbitration, and Wright, 33, who could provide cheap innings for the Marlins. • Follow-up moves: projects a three-year, $36 million deal for left-handed first baseman Logan Morrison, 30, who hit a career-high 38 homers this year. • Payroll implications: Stanton is owed $25 million, but if the Marlins send $5 million per year and take about $7 million off the books in Bradley and Wright, that still gives the Red Sox about $25 million in flexibility to pursue Morrison, among others, while avoiding the top-tier luxury tax penalty (and losing 10 spots on their first draft pick) at the $237 million mark. The potential for trouble arrives in 2019, when Chris Sale, Drew Pomeranz and Craig Kimbrel are set to be free agents, and the Red Sox will have to contend with Xander Bogaerts’ and Mookie Betts’ raising salaries. • Impact: Power acquired. Over the past five years, Stanton has averaged 35 homers. Morrison is a gamble, given his poor track record prior to 2017. Sign J.D. Martinez. • Skinny: Reports indicate that agent Scott Boras is looking for more than $200 million for the slugger who hit 45 homers in just 119 games this year. His .936 OPS since 2014 ranks him seventh, just behind Bryce Harper and David Ortiz. • Follow-up moves: Keeping Bradley, Betts and Bogaerts in this scenario, the organization must save money for extensions and would be wise not to make any other moves of significant impact. Minor trades for a reliever and/or infielder could be in play.