Man, do I have mixed feelings about this. Hunter had a great year, can still field a corner if not center field, and is considered a great clubhouse guy. He is also 37 years old now. While he will only command a one- or two-year deal due to his age, I am frustrated by the idea that the Yankees could once again acquire a stopgap player to hold a place for young players that might never arrive. I am also inherently distrustful of players who (a) have a peak year at 36 -- there is nowhere to go but down -- and in particular of hitters who have too much of their value tied up in batting average. Hunter is not a huge slugger and he generally doesn't walk much, so he has to post a good batting average to be productive. This year, aided by a sure-to-regress .389 BABIP, that's what he did. Without that, you have the guy the Angels had in 2011: .262/.336/.429. For a right fielder that's no better than an average performance. Sure, it will play up in Yankee Stadium, but so would anyone else, so that shouldn't be a factor. And, of course, he could just get old, or brittle, or both. Hunter has generally been durable, but as we saw this year, when you get to players of this age, things just happen.