Over the weekend, the Washington Nationals held “Expos Day” as they wore the road uniforms of the 1969 Montreal Expos and had other various nice touches at the Nationals Park including making player announcements in both English and French, having their scoreboard look like a classic 70’s style light board and having Montreal themed food at the concession stands. Heck, they even went all out with the free programs as well as bullpen cart.

Of course it’s 2019 and things like this can’t happen without people complaining about it. Expos fans felt it was a slap in the face to Montreal fans who had to see their team depart to Washington 15 years ago. Nationals fans thought it was a slap in the face that the team even bothered to care about the Expos and not say the Washington Senators who are actually now the Texas Rangers.

But all those people honestly don’t matter. How can they when you see this as part of your Saturday afternoon baseball watching?