When you think of all-time greats in any sport, you remember the way they performed on the biggest stages. Fair or not, it's simply true.

Michael Jordan: Game 6. Joe Montana: The Catch. Tom Brady: 28-3. Sandy Koufax: World Series Game 7 Shutout. Jack Nicklaus: Yes, Sir.

But for every goosebump-producing memory replayed countless times in our head and on TV, there are also legends who simply didn't get it done when a trophy was on the line. Dan Marino. Charles Barkley. Ted Williams. Karl Malone. Barry Bonds. The list goes one.

While Justin Verlander doesn't exactly fall under that category, having won a World Series before, and while Clayton Kershaw could certainly win one before his time is up, it's now fair to say that neither of those pitchers have performed their best in the biggest situations imaginable. Their greatness is unquestioned, their place in Cooperstown secured on the first ballot, but while they are the greatest pitchers of this generation, which means something big in baseball, the simple fact is they don't look like it when all eyes are on them.