Here we are a week and a half away from spring training. Sitting slightly below a 100 million dollar opening day payroll, 99.9 million dollars to be exact, and still were scratching our heads asking why we haven't at least matched last years record setting 128.4 million opening day payroll. Quietly, the Twins have a had a pretty good offseason, in my opinion, adding Cruz, Schoop, Cron, Parker, and starter Martin Perez who could be a bounce-back candidate. These five have added a combined 8.5 fWAR and are pushing the Twins closer to contention for the division. Still, the Indians are the team to beat and it looks unlikely they will be moving on from Kluber before the season starts. What's going to get the Twins up to par with the Indians? Welcome the notion of signing both Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel.

There have been a few articles out there position the idea that the Twins should be going after these two but sadly there seems to be no evidence the organization is engaging with them. I digress though. We will start with Kimbrel here because as he set out earlier this offseason looking for 6 years and north of 100 million dollars it now doesn't look obtainable for him anymore. If his value has possibly dropped to around 3 years a mid-market team like the Twins certainly have a shot in getting someone like Kimbrel. This is speculative of course but 13-15 million a year for three years would be a great snag for a bullpen that needs to add his kind of closing ability. I know there have been rumors that the Twins feel comfortable going with Trevor May or even Hildenberger who saw closing duties last year after Rodney left. It even seems like Romero could oscillate into that trio looking for the closing job at the end of 2019 possibly. I understand that the Twins have internal options but the front office needs to be more aggressive. Adding Kimbrel adds veteran experience and solidifies our closer for a couple years as the others serve as experienced setup men from previous years. Kimbrel, May, Rogers, and Hildenberger sounds fantastic. Having Romero, Reed, Mejia, and Parker as well would position the bullpen perfectly. If Kimbrel's years and annual value have dropped it would be foolish for the Twins to not explore the possibility of adding him. Kimbrel's 2.1 fWAR from last year is worth the expenditure.