We continue to hear tale of the Twins continuing to hold interest in Bronson Arroyo. We even hear that, hey, don'cha know, they're interested in Masahiro Tanaka. The former is more likely than the latter, but hey, interest. Earlier this afternoon we learned that there's still interest in Matt Garza. If those are the same years as the last time this was a thing, then it seems like Minnesota would be unwilling to go beyond three years for Garza. But it also sounds like they're willing to give him a little extra money for his trouble. Would three years and $54 million be something he could turn down, or is he convinced enough in his future market that he'd continue to take his chances in a post-Tanaka timeline? Regardless, the message being sent to Minnesota's internal options is this: we really aren't a fan. It's hard to argue considering that total lack of quality starting pitching on the team last year, but in terms of adding free agents (much less just free agent pitching) the franchise is already in uncharted territory. Adding one more pitcher - whether it's Garza or Arroyo or someone else - would see the team embark upon a philosophy that feels uber-aggressive to the point of being dangerous to the future good of the team.